Thanks be to God!

Traditional Anglican Faith and Worship Since 1873


St. John the Evangelist
Anglican Catholic Church
619 O Fallon Avenue
Dayton, KY 41074
(859) 261-8173

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Scheduled Services
Sunday Service: 10:30 AM Holy Communion
Psalm-Children Children Ministry: 12:00 PM 
After Holy Communion 

Ash Wednesday
12:00 PM Holy Mass & Imposition of Ashes 
  6:00 PM Evening Prayer & Imposition of Ashes

I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God;  in Him will I trust.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Christian fellowship to the people of the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region.

We are a congregation emphasizing both Word and Sacrament within the Anglican Catholic tradition. We maintain the faith embraced by all Christians in all places and for all time as stated in the Nicene Creed. Our beliefs call us to reach out to the wider community; to that end we devote our time, talent, and treasure to the growth of our parish family and to maintaining the wellbeing of others.


St. John’s grew from a mission of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Newport, to independent parish status in 1873.

St. John’s remained the only Episcopal church in the Bellevue-Dayton area within the Episcopal Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky.  When the 1976 General Convention of the Episcopal Church made such radical changes to the faith, worship, and ministry of its Anglican and Catholic inheritance many Episcopalians could not, in good conscience, remain communicants of the church.  The Anglican Catholic Church came into being as a result of the Church Congress in St. Louis, Missouri, in September 1977.  The members of St. John’s Church, disapproving of the changes made in the 1976 General Convention, officially withdrew from the Episcopal Church and were received into the Anglican Catholic Church in 1978.  Since that time the parish has continued to grow and currently draws its membership from the entire Tri-State area.

Why Anglicanism?

The Anglican Catholic Church began as a restorative effort on the part of concerned Episcopal bishops, priests, and laity who were unwilling to accept the concept that the Christian faith could be amended to fit the current social agenda. The membership of the Anglican Catholic Church now includes people from a broad spectrum of church backgrounds and is found worldwide. We are…

. . .ANGLICAN because we use the Book of
Common Prayer (1928) and follow the path
taken by the Church of England in the sixteenth

. . .CATHOLIC because we adhere to the faith
accepted by all Christians before the church
separated into its eastern and western branches
in the Great Schism of 1054. We confess the
truth of the faith as established by the apostles
and the Nicene Creed.

. . .CHURCH because we are a community that finds
comfort and nourishment in coming together to
worship God.

Anglicanism seeks to coalesce the best of the scriptural, instructive, individual approach of Protestantism and the sacramental, worshipful, churchly approach of Roman Catholicism avoiding the extremes of both influences. It is the moderation of our approach which distinguishes our church from others, and in our moderation we believe that we most clearly represent and validly continue the church as instituted by Christ.

In 1563 Queen Elizabeth I summed up the essence of Anglican faith:
We and our people—thanks be to God—follow
no novel and strange religions, but that very
religion which is ordained by Christ, sanctioned
by the primitive and Catholic Church and approved
by consentient mind and voice of the early Fathers.

Worship & Service

The worship services at St. John’s follow the forms of the Book of Common Prayer (1928). Our order of worship is ancient and expresses man’s attempt to offer his best to God.

Holy Eucharist service is offered on Sundays at 10:30 a.m. Nursery care is provided.

Holy Communion
All baptized Christians confirmed by a bishop in Apostolic Succession and living in such a way to glorify our Lord are welcome to receive Holy Communion at St. John’s. The 1928 Book of Common Prayer directs the priest to address those who plan to receive the Holy Communion “Ye who do truly and earnestly repent you of your sins, and are in love and charity with your neighbors, and intend to lead a new life, following the commandments of God and walking from henceforth in his holy ways…take this holy Sacrament to your comfort.” The 1928 prayer book stipulates the following after the Confirmation service: “And there shall be none admitted to the Holy Communion, until such time as he be confirmed.” If you have any questions regarding these stipulations please discuss the matter with the rector. Those involved in Inquiry or Confirmation class may receive communion under certain circumstances.


A mid-week Holy Eucharist or Evening Prayer service is celebrated on Wednesday evening during Lent, usually at 6:00 PM. This read service provides an opportunity for worship as we prepare for Holy Week.

Special Services
Special services to celebrate prayer book holy days and national holidays are scheduled when appropriate. Details of these services are announced regularly in the Sunday bulletin and in the monthly calendar.

Church Service

There are many opportunities to share in the life and work of St. John’s. All members, and especially newcomers to the parish, are encouraged to get involved.

The Vestry
The Vestry, comprised of eligible members of the parish in good standing, meets monthly and serves for a three-year term. This body is responsible for managing and maintaining the church building and grounds, caring for the church’s fiscal affairs, and handling matters relating to the church corporation. The Vestry also oversees the life, work, and mission of the church and works closely with the rector, who acts as president, in setting policies and recommending programs.

The Annual Meeting
The full membership of the church usually meets in November of each year to elect Vestry members and to hear reports of the various organizations of the parish. A mid-year report is made during the summer.

Qualified men and boys over the age of ten assist the rector at liturgical services as crucifers, acolytes, and torchbearers.

Altar Guild
The Altar Guild is responsible for making the sanctuary ready for all services. Its members maintain the church’s liturgical requirements for services by preparing the altar, laundering linens, preserving the sacred vessels, and arranging the floral displays that beautify the church.

Members of the church serve as ushers during the Sunday service and special liturgies. Their duties include greeting and assisting those who come to worship, distributing Sunday bulletins, and presenting the congregation’s offering during the liturgy.

Lectors/lay readers are members of the parish who read the appointed Epistle. On occasion, they may conduct morning or evening prayer.

Caring Committee
This subcommittee of the parish women’s organization (ACW) calls on members of the parish who are ill, shut-ins, or elderly. Flowers from the church altar are delivered to various persons in the parish to express our love and concern.

St. Martha’s Guild
This group of women organizes and maintains the kitchen and schedules the coffee hour hosts.

Echo Soup Kitchen
Members of St. John’s Church assist in serving the evening meal at the ECHO Soup Kitchen in Newport, Kentucky, on the fourth Monday of each month.

Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN)
St. John’s Church partners with other Northern Kentucky churches and charitable organizations to provide lunches, through a monthly free-will offering, for homeless families at the day center as well as other volunteer opportunities.


Belief and Practice
St. John’s is a parish of the Anglican Catholic Church, the Anglican expression of the “one holy, catholic and apostolic church” of the Creed, “the Universal church of Christ throughout the world . . . the blessed company of all faithful people” (BCP 1928, p. 83). The church maintains the Holy Eucharist as the central act of Christian worship. We teach the historic faith with the 1928 Book of Common Prayer as the standard of worship and accept the bible as the word of God. Pamphlets are available describing in more detail the beliefs and practices of the Anglican Catholic Church.

The first step to membership is involvement in parish life. Regular attendance at church services indicates sincerity in responding to God’s call. New members are officially received into the church through

  1. Transfer – Baptized and confirmed Episcopalians or Anglicans, who have been communicants in other churches may transfer membership to this parish.
  2. Reception – Baptized Christians who have been confirmed by a bishop in Apostolic Succession (for example the pre-1978 Episcopal) as well as members of the Roman Catholic, or Orthodox churches may after a brief review of church teachings be received into this parish by the bishop or rector in a Rite of Reception.
  3. Confirmation – Confirmation is the laying on of the bishop’s hands to strengthen the person in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is the adult reaffirmation of baptismal vows.

Time, Talent, and Resources
Membership in the Anglican Catholic Church and at St. John’s is a commitment to the service of our Lord Jesus Christ in tangible ways. There are many opportunities to participate in the ministry of the parish through offering your personal time, talent, and financial resources. A formal pledge card along with the envelopes for financial giving may be obtained from the parish treasurer.


Adult Religious Education
Prayer, study, and fellowship are essential features of a life moving into Christian maturity. In order to become effective witnesses for our Lord we must learn and understand the basics of our Christian faith and practice.

Confirmation/Information Class
These classes are held as the need arises, usually in the rector’s office or in the home of one of the participants. In these sessions adults discuss Christianity in the Anglican Catholic tradition. The number of sessions depends on the participant’s religious background and are scheduled to culminate with the bishop’s visit at which time the sacrament of Confirmation will be administered.

Bible Study/Spirituality Class/Focused Religious Education
A Sunday morning Spirituality Class is conducted year round after the Mass. All members of the parish are invited to attend. The emphasis of this study is toward a greater understanding of God’s Word.

Periodically, the rector may also conduct a focused adult religious education class using the “block” method to study a particular topic.

Children’s Program

Children must be brought up in the knowledge and love of the Lord and young people need instruction and support to translate the teachings of their early years into a mature faith as adults.

Nursery Care & Baby Sitting Service
Our nursery and baby sitting service are held in the parish hall. Adult supervision is provided during the Sunday Mass service.

Church Sunday School
Our Psalm-Children Sunday School program for children is in the parish hall on Sunday after the Mass.  Our Psalm-Children Coordinator is Mary Matias Akhtar.

The children cover a variety of material learning the elements of Christian faith through instruction and explanation of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, Bible stories, and the teachings of the church. Periodically the children perform special religious programs for the congregation. A pre-Confirmation class is offered as a preparation for the Confirmation class conducted by the rector. All Children should attend the entire Mass where their parents (or guardians) can help pass the Christian faith to them through family participation.

Boys of the parish ten and up are eligible to serve as torchbearers who assist the priest in liturgical services as members of the Acolyte Guild.

More Information

Welcome to St. John’s

Whether you are a member, a prospective member, or a visitor, it is our hope that we may help you understand more about the activities of Christ’s people in this place, and that you will be led to worship, learn, and serve our Lord with us.

Above all else, we want you to be informed, to become involved, and to feel welcome! If we can help you in any way, or if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me or any member of our Vestry.

May the Lord bless you!

Music and Choir

Music is a vital part of our Anglican heritage and plays a prominent role in our lives and worship. Our music program is the responsibility of the rector, choir director, and organist.

Parish Choir
The parish choir sings Sundays at the Holy Eucharist (September through May). It is composed of parish members of various ages and abilities. Most material is from the 1940 Hymnal with the choir periodically singing selections from other sources. Practice is usually conducted after Sunday Mass.

All members of the parish are invited to participate in the choir.


As Christians we seek to give of ourselves in community. St. John’s affords a variety of opportunities for our members to do just that. In addition to service opportunities listed elsewhere, the following groups provide fellowship at St. John’s.

Anglican Church Women (ACW)
This group of women meets once a month to discuss how the group can be of general assistance to parish and rector. Women of the parish also meet to plan for special events and to work on craft items for various benefits.

Church Family Activities
Activities are usually scheduled on a monthly basis. Some traditional social events are the St. Patrick’s Day party, All Saints/All Souls party, Nine Lessons & Carols, and the Annual Parish Picnic.

Parish Events
Several traditional events at St. John’s provide opportunities for fellowship and friendship including pot luck dinners and the annual parish picnic in the summer. At Christmas parishioners decorate the church with evergreens and poinsettias. The Seder meal is celebrated frequently on Maundy Thursday. A variety of tasty treats and refreshments are served at the Sunday coffee hour following the Sunday service at which time birthdays are celebrated and other announcements made.


St. John's at Christmas

St. John’s at Christmas


“What you do for the least of my brothers, you do unto me.”

As a Christian community St. John’s is committed to responding to the concerns and needs of the world around us. Although we are relatively small in number, we offer financial and personal support in several ways.

On the first Sunday of each month, parishioners are asked to bring non-perishable food items to church for distribution to needy individuals and families, members and non-members.

Holiday Outreach
At Thanksgiving and Christmas our men’s group (ACM) coordinates the collection and purchase of non-perishable food items and the preparation and delivery of freshly cooked holiday meals through collaboration with local businesses. The St. John’s Christmas Giving Tree provides parishioners the opportunity to provide gifts for families in coordination with the Family Resource Center of the Dayton (KY) Independent School System.

Discretionary Fund
In addition to the above, the Rector has a Discretionary Fund through which the poor and needy are assisted with food, clothing utility bills, rental deposits, housing, medical and even funeral expenses when funding is available. Periodically, the fund covers unplanned and perhaps spontaneous expenses that arise in our church life that are not in the budget. This fund is made available through voluntary contributions on the first Sunday of the month, as well as other gifts through out the year from our parishioners.

Pastoral Care

While pastoral care is a primary responsibility of the clergy at St. John’s Church it is a duty shared between them and parishioners. The phrase “to love is to care” is the center of our attitude toward one another especially during difficult times.

This “caring” is expressed in a variety of ways from intercessory prayer to more tangible assistance. The rector is available by appointment for counseling on matters of both a personal and spiritual nature. He regularly calls on the sick, hospitalized, and shut-ins. Parishioners are advised to inform the rector when a loved one is seriously ill or hospitalized.

Baptisms, weddings, and funerals are conducted as required.

The names of individuals who need the prayers of the congregation are listed in the Sunday bulletin and are mentioned in the “bidding prayers” at Mass as necessary.

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St. John the Evangelist
Anglican Catholic Church
619 O Fallon Avenue
Dayton, KY 41074

Phone: (859) 261-8173


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